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About Me

I enjoy travelling and taking pictures.

I love animals.

I enjoy making things by hand.

Learning things and making stuff is my favorite hobby. I love trying new things, working with my hands, and creating things. It can be as rewarding to realize a vision and bring a plan to fruition as it can be to explore and play. Play is an important part of my process, but careful planning is behind all of my final projects.

What to do with hours of adorable ferret footage? Fabricate a funny film! I created this little video to try editing in Adobe Premiere. I had such fun creating this little video, and I had a great time finding just the right royalty-free music and sound effects and editing it all together. Edited in Adobe Premiere.

Follow Frodo the Ferret Fearlessly Frolic

Furry Bites is a fun little audio track I made to play off the theme of the Frodo the Ferret video. Furry Bites is an original mix of three royalty-free samples created in Audacity.

Furry Bites: A Fun Little Sound Bite

The first instructional video I made, in 2018 was created entirely in PowerPoint, because, well, that was all I had at the time.

This video reminds me how far I have come, and yet, the finished product is still valued as a training resource for staff at the gym where I worked. The content addresses the fundamental mistakes that can prevent development of safe and proper technique required to excel.

First Instructional Video: Teaching Handstands