UNM Capstone Internship

The Instructional Design & Technology concentration of the Master of Arts [MA] in Organization, Information & Learning Sciences [OILS] at the University of New Mexico [UNM] prepares students to integrate learning and design theory with technology for designing learning solutions for a wide range of applications and settings.

Capstone is a three-term series of coursework that OILS MA students may choose to complete their program of study. The Capstone project encompasses all the stages of project development taught in the core OILS courses—from identifying learning gaps to proposing a project to evaluating the project. Capstone students present completed projects as an ePortfolio in a website of their own design.

Capstone Project

My Capstone Project was rewriting the Distance Learning Guidebook for Central New Mexico Community College. A switch in Learning Management Systems and a new purely online degree program drove the need for a new guide. The scope of the project is beyond an individual capstone project, as it is a comprehensive, living document, distributed to faculty iteratively. Parts have already been disseminated, and shown here is the first full abridged edition of the new CNM Online Course Design Guide, ready for review from the highest level department heads.

Program Synthesis Paper

A summary of my overall OILS MA experience:


Program Synthesis Paper (click to view/download)

Internship Reflection

This document is a reflection upon my capstone internship experience at about the halfway point:


Internship Reflection Paper (click to view/download)

Evaluation Report

Abridged version of CNM Online Course Design Guide ready for a second review, in line with planned iterative deliverable-review cyclical process.


Evaluation Report (click to view/download