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Professional Portfolio

When I began my current position, the institution where I am employed was preparing to transition to a new learning management system in the midst of the sudden move to all online learning due to the pandemic shutdown, and all instruction needed to be immediately transferred to a remote learning environment. Learning to navigate the LMS myself so that I could deliver training materials as rapidly as possible was top priority.

A tutorial explaining how the D2L Brightspace grade book works. This video was quickly created and delivered following a live faculty training I presented with a colleague. The Brightspace gradebook has been the biggest learning challenge for faculty and is the primary request for support. This video is a microlearning addressing the crux of the confusion. The video uses Camtasia and PowerPoint. This was my first exploration into the markup tools in Camtasia.

Tutorial Explaining Brightspace Gradebook Feature: Grade Items

This video was also made in Camtasia and uses more of the editing features.

Accessing the VPN on campus is the first step to processes like building virtual machines, but this step trips up many students and keeps the IT staff busy helping students. This video guides students through the process.

Instructions for remote access to campus VPN for CNM students

This video, which I also made in Camtasia, guides students through the process of connecting to the VPN, then accessing the campus server (Netpod) to create a virtual machine. This process, which is required for many courses at this community college, is a source of frustration and confusion for students and requires substantial faculty and staff support. The goal with both of these videos is to free faculty and staff

Instructions for connecting to campus VPN and Virtual Machines for CNM students

Revising and revamping the former guide this document replaces was a sizeable project. A significant portion of the content was curated from disparate sources within the institution, but much of it, particularly instruction in the new learning management system, was created by me. I also researched comparable documents from other institutions to serve as models and inspirations. Most of the document organization, proofreading, and formatting was done by me.

Online Course Design Guide: Curated, Co-Authored, and Edited

This link is to a sample of instructional content I created in Articulate 360 Rise. These tutorials, designed to train faculty in the new learning management system, were published in the monthly faculty newsletter and are now part of the primary library of resources for faculty. They are presented here together as a collection, not a complete course.

Screenshot from Brightspace Tutorials: a Collection of Instructions for Faculty

This link is a tutorial created in Articulate 360 Rise. This learning interactive is used in the Jump Start for Learners course which is the primary onboarding resource for new students at the community college where I work. The context for the Rise is a special onboarding course I built with a colleague as a gamified introduction to the new learning management system. The limited-release course seen here, “Brightspace Scavenger Hunt”, featured many elements that were later incorporated into the traditional, established Jump Start course.